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Welcome to the new blog for Coast & Trail Travels!

This will be a brief post, but I wanted to just welcome everyone to the new site and blog. It has been a long and difficult past few years for us, just like everyone else. The pandemic has really thrown a wrench in everyone’s travel plans. Now that the majority of lockdowns and shutdowns are over, we can all get back out and travel, FINALLY!

We hope y’all were able to take a few trips as things calmed down. We are still undecided on our mode of travel. The latest project has been a pro and con list between a skoolie and a van. As of this writing, the van is winning, BUT, a skoolie may provide a better quality of life for my wife. So, we’ll see how it turns out, eventually!

Anyhow, welcome back and I hope we can all connect on the road or through all of our socials.

Thanks for following along!